Arming Civil and Ssb

By : B. A. Sharma/IFP

When armed with the people was called out, the people on the borderly states certain to recall S.S.B. (now Sasashtra Seema Bal). When the people remember SSB would recall again the Chinese attack upon India in 1962. The Chinese attach on the Arunachal border during servere cold season of November 1962, the Indian forces did not even arranged for proper defenses on the posts.

But the war has compelled India to think over a defense strategy involving the people of the borderland. The administration has been shocked but retreat of the Chinese forces has open the mind of the Political banks. When 1963 entered a dream of a civil force breeded in the brain of the political Heads, borne SSB in 1963. SSB (now Sasashtra Seema Bal) was the first civil organized force under the highest civil authority of India, the Cabinet Secretary. SSB groomed in ITBP (Into Tibetan Border Police) first, then had full grown in 1965. The same force has been first introduced in Manipur in 1965 under the polished command of the then Rajkumar Madhurjeet Sana IFAS, as Area Organizer assigned. The force was first trained by the State Police Forces like Rajasthan Armed Police, Orissa Military Police or Madhya Pradesh State Armed Police. Such State forces were found highly trained, discipline force of the states of the country, specialized in guerilla warfare and tactics. Well aware of the status Rules and Act, Cr. P.C., I.P.C. and all about law and order duties in the States.

On the first phase of establishment of SSB the force had two wings as civil and armed. The civil staffs deals in the area, therefore assigned the officers as organizer, whereas, the armed wing deals the discipline of weapon and guarding duties; therefore established in the form of Battalion, Company, Platoon, Sections etc. Hence Commanders were assigned as Commandant, Coy. Commander, Platoon Commander and Section Commander etc. Steadily, the force has been well established as a Para military force of the central government. Manipur SSB has expanded from Area Organizer to Bn. Commandant, later Divisional Commander or Divisional Organiser at the rank of DIG during 1976. From the period from 1965 till 1976 SSB was in well organized in the Sate. When VVF has been taken in SSB a little struggle starts with the officers input from the forces to be made co-ordination with the Civil Officers. Because, SSB maintained areas; therefore, the officers were also designated as the lowest ranked office as Circle Organizer, the Sub-Area Organizer, Area Organizer and Divisional Organizers. DIG was Divisional Organizer, Commandant or Dy. Commandant was Area Organizers, or B.D.O. Circle Inspectors from Police were also Circle Organizers SDO were Sub-Area Organizers commonly. Normally Commandant was Area Organizers.

When entered 1990 Manipur SSB starts trouble with the underground elements due to lack of civil consciousness in the forces. Because, the force (SSB) was in dilemma on liaisoning with arm and civil however, SSB inducts in the villages, maintained training of the civilians, maintained civic action programs, medical civic action program, Rifle training, Refresher rifle training etc. But, when the timely development and requirement of the force exposed SSB in law and order duties during 1995 openly. This was a hell for SSB Department specially for the civil staffs, but it was the route to heaven for the uniform pattern SSB personnel, as the bonafide duty of an uniform service was inner call of SSB personnel.

When 2001 entered SSB became a full fledged Para military force with a strength of 30,000 approximately. The then Director General Sri Nacchatra Singh Sandhu realized that this would be the right time to reform the force of ;the nation for use of Border guarding on Nepal Border. And thus, it was the reign of BJP Government whose Government first realized the suffocated atmosphere of a force, the SSB, to be bail out from the detention of ‘Cabinet Secretary’s administration. The force has been issued the unit flag by the then President of India Sri APJ Abdul Kalam. The then Home Minister has recognize SSB as a Para military force. Hon’ble Home Minister Sri L.K. Advani has done a great deal to segregate the forces for their respective duties for different forces. Border guarding forces have been distributed into four sections like, 1-BSF for Pakistan and Bangladesh border, 2-SSB for Nepal and Bhutan border, 3-ITBP for Indo-Tibet border, 4-Assam Rifles for Myanmar border. Thus, SSB became a powerful force with a strength of 25 Bn. Till 2003-2004. Indeed SSB could deal a discipline in border guard as well as in law and order duties, owing to the performance of the force Government has given abundant sanctions for further upgradation tantamounting to CRPF, BSF.

2. The matter of discussing the ground works as a force and public relations the time for SSB is certainly recall as a successful civil force. But, the arising civil forces as village guard in Heirok and Chajing issuing an outdated .303 rifles with dumpen ammunition to fight for self protection may how far successful is a question mark today. Secondly, the discipline with a gun after obtaining the mere training for one or three months the position of SPOs would again require to supervise a secondary force, which is not logic. The dreamly situations of Manipur now inviting, was already faced in SSB earlier, while merging the Village Volunteer Force. As a result SSB was compelled to disbend VVF and still consequences are facing in the clerical jobs, hinders the routine works to complete the irregularities in regular. For example, the I.R.B. a rifle constabulary trained for 9 or 6 months pulled out on duty without P.O.P. hanging rifles topsy-turvy (ULTA-SASHTRA), roaming in the crowd under a young officer in charge without having knowledge of discipline with the weapon is also amounting to danger in the state.

Therefore, induction of weapon in the civil, to the purely raw SPOs have to reconsider for adoption, on the basis of SSB pattern motivational attributions in the public without making embarrass the situation in the state. At least Government has to reconsider categorically and degree of situation in Manipur with the turmoil, irritated public with the non-impressed state Government square mending the works of the Government and underground, are all priority to settle down through negotiation. Arming civil has to call on the central advice with relevant departments.

I may not be outright to discuss the matter as opinion sharing to the Government for betterment of the public understanding before being shoulder the responsibility of Arm in civil, in this situation.

Hope a positive result will bring with the act of positive thought. The astute of singleman workshop supersede by consertive thoughts.



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