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Paudoumang in ngohna nial

The Lamka Post August 29, 2008

NREGA Rules diktak a zuih hileh a suakta ding omlou – Behiang Hausapa

LAMKA, August 28: NREGS tungtawn a 2007-08 nnasepna’ng a a khua ua dia fund thelthangsak chih ziak a Mr. Paudoumang Ngaihte, Chief of Behiang tung a Singngat Police Station a criminal case file a om toh kisai in Behiang Hausa Mr. S. Paudomang Ngaihte in a tung a ngohna nial a, ama nna mah sepna dia sorkar in tha a laksakna sum negulou ahihdan tuni’n thusuah bawl hi.

Hiai press release in a taklat dan in, fund tampi negu dan a thukizaknate a tangkou khum ahihbanah ‘shoot at sight’ order puankhum himahleh Imphal a a giah ziak in suakta kha ahihdan taklang hi. Huai press release in ataklat dan in NREGA tungtawn in Behiang khua ah job card 296 bawl hi a, huaite Village Authority-te hawmsak ahihbanah huai khua group 7 suah hi a, VA member-te Attendant dia seh in om uhi. Behiang khopel Behiang (V) leh Behiang Suangphuh a Hausa kineih Mrs. Jubilee Moi mizat Mr. Ginzasoi, Mr. Langsuanlian, Mr. M. Zamzakham leh Mr. Thanglianlam makaih in Job Card neite sukbuai sawm mahle uh 1st Phase leh 2nd Phase ah lohsam ua himahleh Singngat SDO/BDO ding a Mrs. Mannuamching a om apat Government order omsate nelhsiah in Hausa kineihte gum in 3rd phase ah lohching uh hi’n taklang hi.

Singngat SDO/BDO in nnasem khin group 5te Muster Roll Bill-te May 25, 2008 in pelut a, SO kiang ah nnasemlou group 2-te bill pass theihlouh ding chimahleh a khonung a pelut in June 2, 2008 in nnasemlou group 2-te thaman BDO makaih in Hausa kineihte toh hawm in social audit leng bawl uh hidan in taklang hi. June 6, 2008 in hiai hawmkhiat a om nnasemlou group 2-te muster roll bill ding VA leh Office mi hilou midang 2 bawlsak in om a, BDO in nnasemlou group 2-te 3rd Phase fund 2 lakhs val nemang in BDO leh APO in DC/CCpur kiangah Behiang Hausa in sum tampi nemang dan in repot pia ua, DC/CCpur in leng Show Cause Notice pia a, Behiang Hausa in leng a gelhthoh leh a thu in hilhchetna pia hi. Himahleh, Behiang machete ah BDO in NREGA nnasep direct a implement ding in order suah a, BDO in leng Hausa kineihte Development Committee Chairman khawng hisak in Implementing agency hihsak sawm a, himahleh Behiang Hausa in Government Gazette No. 396/18-2-2008 leh NREG Act pansan in review ding in DC/CCpur kiang ah ngetna khia a, huchiin group 5-te bill May 25, 2008 a kipelut koihdap a ompen June 28, 2008 in a bill passed a omkhong hidan in hiai press release in taklang hi.

Huailou in Border Area Development Programme (BADP) toh kisai in Rs. 18.75 lakhs man work 3 piak in om a, 1st installment ding 60% lakkhiatna’ng in blank cheque 3 ah Research Inspector (RI) in DC/CCpur in signature compare masa ut chih paulap in suai kaisak a, himahleh nnasemlou chi’n a cheque midang kiang ah pia ua, huai banah nnasemlou chi’n DC/CCpur in Show Cause Notice pezomah hidan in leng hiai press release in taklang hi. Huai cheque a piakna pa’ apan in Rs. 2.lakhs kia mu a, sumdang leitawibeh in nnasem a, a nnasep Lime farm bawl ding pen leng Behiang (Suangphuh) mun a bawl ding hi a, himahleh huai mun a Hausa kineihte sukbuai ding leh kel hong zoulou ding chihziak in RI lemsakpihna in Behiang khomunlui ah bawl hi. Himahleh DC/CCpur in lemsalou a, BADP 2007-08 a work a tan ding bangzahhiamte lak a Behiang (Suangphuh) a ding pen SDO in Hausa kineih a Behiang Hausa thahsawm Mr. Thanglianlam specimen signature pen DC/CCpur kiang ah recommend bawl a, himahleh Behiang Hausa in huai thu a theihphet in objection petition DC/CCpur kiang ah pia in blank cheque a suaikaisak a midang ana piak uh toh kisai a gelhlat khak ziak in DC/CCpur heh in ‘some other party’ toh sum na nek mang uh nang leng na ‘admitted’ na dit ding ahi chihsan hidan in leng hiai press release in taklang hi.

Huailou in CCpur District Chief Council a Vice-President ahih dungzui in executive meeting a member-te lemsakna bang in Joint Action Committee a Chairman hi a, meeting resolution dungzui in NREGS tungtawn a Job card nei peumah in a kikim a tha 100 chiat sepna ding DC/CCpur ah phut ding thupukna nei uhi. Thagum a ngetna neih sang a dan dungzui a nget ding lemsa in ukil tungtawn in legal notice pesak ua DC/ CCpur in lauh leh heh thuah in legal notice zukkik ding a ngen in Chief Council President tung ah phuba laksawm hidan in hiai press relase in taklang hi.

Singngat SDO/BDO/PO(NREGS) Mrs. Mannuamching, MCS in Behiang khopel a Hausa hihsawmte NREGS a saisak utman a VA Act kalh in Chief lah chi ngamlou in Development Committeee Chairman a hihsak mawk lamdang a sakthu taklang kawm in NREGA Rules leh Guidelines diktak a zuizolou teng FIR bawl khum ding hileh DC apan VLW, Chief Chairman/Chairman (VA) apan Job Card nei teng kuamah suakta omlou ding ahihdan leh nikhat a dakkal 7 sep a Rs. 81.40 loh ding pen dakkal 2/3/4 lel sem a Rs.81.40 loh ngen ahihdan Behiang Hausa Paudoumang Ngaihte in tuni a a thusuah ah taklang hi.



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Divide and rule in scheme allotment, says KPF chairman

The Imphal Free Press

Chandel, Aug 28: In an interaction with media persons at Sahumphai Village,Yangkhaopau Haokip, Chairman of the Kuki People Forum, Chandel called for equitable distribution of the benefits under various developmental schemes to both Kuki and Naga people.

Maintaining that there have been many examples of disparity between allocation of funds and schemes to the Naga and Kuki people in Chandel, he said, “Out of a total of Rs.105 lakhs under the District Common Fund (2007-08), only 23 lakh was allotted to Kuki areas while the remaining Rs. 82 lakhs went to Naga areas.” According to the Chairman, the projected fund allocation for the future also shows this disparity as the financial allotment for 2008-09 of a total Rs.241 lakhs has Rs. 222 being allocated for Naga areas against Rs.19 lakhs for Kuki areas; Rs. 165 lakhs for Nagas and Rs. 76 lakhs for Kukis in 2009-10; 194 lakhs for Nagas and 47 lakhs for Kukis in 2010-11 and the same allocation for 2011-12 again.

“Such a distinct demarcation is nothing but divide and rule policy”, he alleged. He also said that when the matter was brought to the notice of the Deputy Commissioner of Chandel, he maintained that special packages for Kukis under the Central Government are being implemented in Khengjoi area.

Questioning the rationale behind keeping an official who does not know the difference between a special package and the District Common Fund, the Chairman has called for the removal of the current DC and to appoint someone who is knowledgeable about the area. “The list for fund allotment for the period of 2008-2012 needs to be reviewed within September 10, failing which we will launch a series of agitations”, he further added.

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Learning to Love Ourselves…!

– Samuel Samte

Who is the most important person in the world? To this, a famous Indian writer says- YOU.

From childhood, we are taught to cut down our ego and love others. Ego is believed to be the root cause of all evil and till you start considering others before self, you are doomed to disaster. Most religion teachings contain this basis. Humans’ most basic instinct is self-preservation. Not surprisingly, ‘i’ is the only form of reference apart from reference to God Himself that uses a capital letter!

But is there harm in loving ourselves? I hope not. At least not till that loving is reasonable and allows you to be somewhat detached and objective too. In fact, it’s proven that if you have a high self esteem, you are likely to be a happier individual, someone who is more likely to face challenges and also bounce back in the face of adversity.

An article in encourages you to generate your own love. It went to suggest that perhaps the reason for so many, relationships failing is that we haven’t learnt how to love. It’s not possible to love anyone until you have learnt to love yourself. This holds water for the man in uniform at battlefield. I think I know now why the Interviewing Officers at SSB (Defence) are very specific on the candidates self esteem, his role and responsibilities at home. I failed to catch this vital point and conceded a mistake at the SSB I faced recently. For them, the funda is clear: “If a person doesn’t think well (love) of himself and doesn’t have a proper/satisfactory role to play at home, it would be unwise and hard to buy their claim of being patriotic.” They went on to the extent of saying that ‘you’ are not just a VIP, but a MIPW, the most important person in the world.

The famous teaching Love your neighbors as you love yourself of Jesus revolve around here. To be in a position to love others, we must first be fair with ourselves.

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Refugees from Mizoram threaten to boycott assembly polls

Agartala, Aug 28 (IANS) Refugees from Mizoram camping in Tripura have threatened to boycott the assembly election in their state if they are not repatriated to their home soon.Over 31,000 members of the Reang tribe are living in relief camps in Tripura for the past 11 years following ethnic clashes with the majority Mizos in Mizoram. The Reangs are a Hindu minority in Christian-majority Mizoram.

“We may boycott the assembly polls as both the central and the Mizoram government are not sincere to solve our decade-old problem, and (have) failed to fulfil their commitment on a number of occasions,” said Elvis Chorkhy, president of the Mizoram Bru Displaced People’s Forum (MBDPF).

Elections to the 40-member Mizoram assembly are due in November this year.

Militant-outfit-turned-political-party, the Mizo National Front (MNF) has been ruling the mountainous state for the past 10 years.

Mizoram is reluctant to take back the Reang refugees, also known as Bru, prompting them to organise a series of agitations over the years.

The week-long hunger strike they organised last year in Tripura was withdrawn following assurances by the home ministry to fulfil their 16-point charter of demands, including repatriation to their home state.

“But unfortunately nothing was done to settle our problems. The inmates are asking how long they would remain refugees in their own country,” Chorkhy told IANS.

Union home ministry teams have visited the refugee camps in Tripura and held inconclusive talks with the Mizoram government to resolve the issue.

After 14 rounds of talks, the Mizoram government and the militant Bru National Liberation Front (BNLF) signed an agreement in April 2005 to resolve the ethnic crisis, leading to the surrender of about 1,040 militants belonging to the BNLF and Bru Liberation
Front of Mizoram (BLFM).

Both the outfits had been fighting to set up an autonomous council for the Reang refugees.

Demanding immediate four- corner talks between the centre, Mizoram and Tripura governments and MBDPF, the refugee leader said: “These series of events – signing of agreement on surrender of militants – proved futile.”

The refugee problem had led to socio-economic unrest in Tripura. “Due to the stay of the tribal refugees since October 1997, Tripura is facing serious socio-economic problems,” Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar said.

A high-level team comprising officials of the Election Commission and the Mizoram government will visit the north Tripura refugee camps Saturday to examine the eligibility of about 11,000 refugees, whose names are yet to be enrolled in the Mizoram electoral list despite their becoming 18 years old.

“Of the 31,000 refugees, only 7,524 persons are voters and got their names included in the state’s voters’ list,” an official added.

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Rs. 8.67 cr unspent police modernisation fund amount shown as incurred

The Imphal Free Press

IMPHAL, Aug 27: A comment of the audit on Comptroller and Auditor General, CAG-2006-07 said that an unspent amount of Rs. 8.67 crores under the modernization of police forces during the period from 2002-07 was reflected as incurred.

The comment of the audit was made on the CAG finding at its para 3.1. 9 which related with the implementation of the modernization of the police forces in the state with the funding of the Central government.

The para said, “Although the Manipur Police housing Corporation has spent only Rs. 7.02 crores upto March 2007 out of Rs. 18.97 crore placed (2002-07) at its disposal for construction of police stations, building barracks, the department had shown the entire amount as expenditure.”

According to a document on comments on audit CAG-2006-07 finding, it said that the Manipur Housing Corporation (MD/MPHC vide letter no. AG/14(vol-II)/2005-MPHC/2925) furnished on June 17, 2006 had shown the entire fund of Rs. 18.97 crores as expenditure.

It further said that a total of Rs. 7.02 crores was reported to have been spent at the end of March 2007. However, as the works have been progressing, a total expenditure of Rs. 8.67 crores has been incurred at the end of March 2008.

As the amount (Rs. 18.97 crores) had been drawn from the government account and placed at disposal of MPHC, the amount has become government expenditure which hinted that the expenditure could be treated as expenditure under the police modernization scheme.

Here, it is pertinent to mention that usually, at the last minute of the closing of fiscal year, the state government used to withdraw unspent funds for various schemes and projects with Central funds and deposit to the state account apparently to avoid return of the funds which could not be spent during a particular financial year.

This has been clearly indicated by the fact that more than half of the funds released under special plan assistance, SPA during the fiscal year 2007-08 which ended March 31, 2008, had been withdrawn by the state government and deposited in the state account.

And after a quarter of the fiscal year 2008-09, due to delay in the submission of the utilization certificates of the projects and schemes, the state is facing delay in the release of the SPA funds for the current financial year 2008-09.

State chief minister O Ibobi Singh is currently camping in New Delhi to press the Planning Commission of India to release the funds at the earliest apart from other official works.

The scheme ‘Modernization of police force’ is an important initiative of ministry of home affairs, MHA and is under implementation in Manipur since 1969.

Manipur has been classified as ‘A’ category state under the scheme and accordingly receives 100 percent Central assistance for modernization of police force.

Under the scheme construction works of police stations with additional infrastructures have been taken up since 2002.

Construction of police stations with additional infrastructure and improvement of infrastructures of posts of state security forces have been implemented in 50 places.

Out of the 50 police stations, construction of 22 are completed as per latest access report and the works for another 23 police stations are under progress.

But the construction works at five police stations are yet to commence.

As per the status report as on June 2008, improvement of Porompat police had been completed during 2002-03.

Construction works at Mayang Imphal police station, construction of finger print bureau building phase-II at Pangei, construction of Chandel, Tengnoupal (phase-I), Nungba (phase-II and quarters) police stations have been completed during 2003-04.

Construction of Sugnu, Nambol and Singhat PS were also completed during the year and the handing and taking over are in process.

Under the same scheme, the construction works of Churachandpur police station, Chakpikarong and construction of sentry post at Tengnoupal police station had been completed during the year 2004 and 2005.

Construction and improvement works of Ukhrul, Tamenglong, Bishnupur, Thoubal, Saikul, Jessami, Khoupum, Kumbi, Tengnoupal, Chakpikarong police stations were completed during the same year, it said.

Works completed during 2005-06 include construction of infrastructures at Pangei MPTS, Wangoi, Mayang Imphal, Tengnoupal, Irilbung, Singhat, Chingai police stations, 1st MR, Bishnupur police, 5th MR and home guard headquarter at Lamphel.

Ten different works of improvement of police stations were completed during the year and handing and taking over are in progress. The work places were at Singjamei, City, Kumbi, Churachandpur, Kangpokpi, Senapati, Litan, Chasad and Patsoi police stations.

Currently, construction of quarter at CMTW which commenced from 2004-05 is under progress.

Other works started during 2006-07 which are under progress are construction of barracks at MPTS, Pangei, Phungyar (phase-II), Jessami (Phase-I), Nungba, Tamei stations, construction of conference hall cum control room of 1st MR, Imphal, construction of Senapati district police, and barracks of 5th MR, Tamenglong.

The ongoing works under the funding of the same scheme, modernization of police forces during 2006-07 are construction of Wangoi, Chakpikarong, Thanlon, Parbung, Henglep, Kangpokpi, Mao and Kasom Khullen police stations.

However, the report said that the construction works of Lamshang, Lamlai, Pallel which was earmarked during the fiscal year 2006-07 are yet to commence.

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Manipur Pineapple Festival neih hiding, Horticulture Minister T. Phungzathang in Khuallian hihna toh uap ding

Manipur Pineapple Festival neih hiding, Horticulture Minister T. Phungzathang in Khuallian hihna toh uap ding

LAMKA, August 27: Manipur Pineapple Festival Committee saina in hongtung ding August 30, 2008 chiang in Khousabung khua ah 1st Manipur Pineapple Festival neih hiding hi.Hiai hun ah Manipur Pineapple Queen contest leng neih ahih ding banah Pineapple Musical Concert for Peace leng neih hiding hi.

Horticulture Minister T. Phungzathang in Chief Guest hihna toh Manipur Pineapple Festival uap in festival hongkhe ding a, MTDC Chairman MLA T. Manga Vaiphei in leng hiai festival Function President hihna toh uap ding hi. Huai banah, DC/CCpur Sumant Singh, IAS in Guest of Honour hihna toh a uap ding banah social worker Amrik Singh Pawa in leng Special Guest hihna toh uap ding hi.

Hiai festival ding toh kisai in Manipur Pineapple Festival Committee in tuni sunnung dak 3:30 in DFO/CCpur tenna inn Chiengkawnpang ah thuthaksaite kimuhpih uhi. MPFC Secretary Gin Gangte in a gendan in, Manipur a lengthei chiin masaknapen ding in 1947 kum in Mr. Songpu Gangte in Lakhipur apat lengthei nou 40 Khousabung potung in suan hi. Songpu’ lengtheite’n gah a hon suantak in lengthei chiin theih ahihdan theisuah in a vengte leng lengthei nou poding in kuan ua, huchia Manipur a lengthei chiin hong kipan hidan in gen hi.

Manipur a district 9-te ah lengthei chiin hivek mahleh CCpur a Khousabung bial apat kum teng in lengthei lakh 70 piangkhia in Manipur a a tamnapen ahihdan Gin Gangte in gen hi. MPFC in survey a bawl dan in kum teng in CCpur district apan in lengthei lakh 70 piang a, Thoubal district apat lakh 45 leh Senapati district ah lakh 40 piang hi. Huai banah, Imphal West apat lakh 35 piang a, Imphal East apat lakh 30 leh Chandel district apat lakh 10 piang hi. Ukhrul district ah lakh 5 piang a, Bishnupur district ah lakh 3 leh Tamenglong district a lakh 2 piang hidan in suikhia uhi. Huai banah, gam acre 1 a lian sung a lengthei 10000 chiin theih ahihdan leng MPFC Secretary in gen hi.

Lengthei chituamtuam130 lak ah tulel in Manipur ah chi 2 kia kichiing lel a, huai lak a khat Kew Variety pen State Fruit hihsak ding leh Pineapple Festival pen State Festival khat bang a pom ding in Manipur Governor kiang ah Manipur Pineapple Festival Committee in apaisa August 14, 2008 in ngetna pelut uhi.

Huailou in, hongtung ding September 15-17, 2008 chiang a Shillong a ‘North-East Business Summit-2008’ neihna hun a tel dia Manipur Pineapple Festival Committee in palai sawl sawm uh hidan in MPFC Secretary in gen hi.

MLA T. Manga Vaiphei in Kangvai Community Hall honna nei

LAMKA, August 27: Infrastructure Development Programme tungtawn a Rs. 12 lakhs zang a Kangvai khomipte a dia Community Hall kibawl zohsiang ahihtoh kiton in tuni sunma dak 10 in bialtu MLA T. Manga Vaiphei, Chairman, MTDC in Chief Guest hihna toh uap in Community Hall honna nei hi.

Hiai hunzatna ah Kangvai V/A in Chief Guest kiang ah Vaiphei puandum khat pia ua, Kangvai Women Development Society (KWDS) in leng Vaiphei puandum khat mah pia uhi. Kangvai Block VPC President Lalzakhai in Function President hihna toh uap a, SDO Henglep Ranjan Yumnam in Special Guest hihna toh uap hi. Function President in a thugenna ah tulai mipite lungsim putzia hoihlou in mi’n thilhoih hihsak/bawlsak lehleng kipahna chang theilou in kep-le-zuun naksang a suksiat ding kia lunggel a neih pen khanmohbawk ahihman in kuapeuh in huchibang ngaihdan paih tuak ahihdan gen hi.

Chief Guest MTDC Chairman T.Manga Vaiphei in a thugenna ah Kangvai khua a Zillai Golden Jubilee lop hunlai a hall gina neihlouh ziak a haksatna tamtak tuah ahihbanah tha-le-zung tampi sen ahihlai in Community Hall hoihtak ding lunggulhna lianpi a neih tua tangtung ahihna ah kipak mahmah ahihdan gen in maban a leng thil dangdang bawl hilai ding ahihdan gen hi. Hiai Community Hall bel duhthusamtak a bawl ahihman in a bawlna’ng Government in a sanction zah sang a tamzaw lut ahihdan gen a, Kangvai Area bel constituency dan in Henglep nuai ah om mahleh Tuibuang TD Block nuai ah omkha a Tuibuang ahihleh Saikot A/C sung a omkhazel ahihman in hichibang limliam ziak a development scheme khenkhat deih bang a laihlut haksatloh ahihdan gen hi.

MOBC nuai ah school bangzah hiam bawlna dia proposal piaklut ahihbanah maban ah BRGF tungtawn in Community Hall leh mawltual bangzah hiam bawl hiding ahihdan leng Chief Guest in gen hi.Vantaang a dia thilhoih kibawlte mahni a ahihlouhman a suksiat ding lunggel neih pen haihuai ahihdan gen in lampi, community hall, mawltual hi’n mipi a dia phatuam khatpeuh sepsuah ahihchiang a kuaman subuailou a kithuahpihzaw ding leh sepsuah a omte quality neitak a sepsuah ahi hiam chih enkai ding a ngetna neikawm in a semsuahtute’n leng quality hoihtak nei dia sem ding in theisak hi. Vau leh lauhsak himahle uh mipite’n a vote ziak ua lohching a hichibang a thilhoih semthei ahihman in tha petu mipite a dia septheih teng sep ding a mohpuakna ahihdan gen hi.

Chief Guest in Kangvai Hausa tel in kho Hausa mi 14 kiang ah puansan pia a, contractor hikei mahleh hiai community hall diktattak a bawl leh enkaitu Mr. Pautinlam kiang ah belpi khat pia hi. Huai banah, Rs. 2000/- in KWDS phungvuh a, Kangvai YVA kiang ah football 1, volleyball 1 leh Rs. 2000/- pia in Cultural Troupe leng Rs.1000/- pia hi.

SDPO/CCpur training in kuan ding

LAMKA, August 27: Police Foundation Course a tel di’n Sub-Divisional Police Officer/CCpur K. Kabib IPS in zingchiang in Missouri, USA zuan in Lamka nuse ding hi. Aman November 28, 2008 tan training ding a, a omlouh sung in SDPO/Moirang in SDPO/CCpur dinmun lenkhawm ding hi.

Cheng 1 sik valh kha

LAMKA, August 27: Baby Hathoihkim (5) d/o Lianlallem of Lingsiphai in an sunma dak11:30 vel in school kaina mun ah sum Cheng 1 sik valh kha in a gawl ah tang a, a gen ngam zoklouh ziak in zan nitaklam dak 4:00 vel in a sungte’n theikhe pan uhi. A theihphet ua kintak a doctor a etsak ua leh zan nitak dak 7 in Lamka damdawi inn ah doctor in emergency operation bawl ngal a, Cheng 1 sik aat khia hi. Doctor in a gendan in hiai naupang pen kintak a aat theihlouhna mun singtang mun gamla a om bang hileh si thei dinmun hi’n gen hi. Hiai sum Cheng 1 sik ahihleh a pa’n school a kaina a nektheih a leina dia Hathoihlam a piak hi a, aman a kam a a muam a leh valhkha hidan in thutut kingah hi.

Mi 2400 val in application form lata

LAMKA, August 27: Manipur Home Deptt. nuai a post awng tuamtuam 3 lakna ding ah tunitan in mi 2400 val in SP/CCpur Ofice ah application form lata uhi. IRB Riflemen post 1404 a ding in mi 1700 in form la ua, Women Police Constable post 366 a ding in mi 556 in form a lak banuah Police Driver post 60 a ding in mi 129 in form la uhi. Application form fill-up khinsate’n ahihleh Distrit Employment Office ah piak lut theih ding hidan in thutut kingah hi.

Loukaihna khawl hawm ding

LAMKA, August 27: Horticulture & Soil Conservation nuai a loukaihna khawl Kabutar Power Tiller leh Water Pump subsidized rate a dia sum pekhinsate’n September 6, 2008 in Imphal ah lak theih ding a, huai toh kisai a thuchian thei nuamte’n District Oficer (DO) Horticulture & Soil Conservation Churachandpur kimuhpih ngai ding hi.

Mobile Sale in APL anntang zuak

LAMKA, August 27: FCS Deptt./CCpur in tuni sun dak 12:00 in Lamka Police Station ah APL anntang mobile sale in zuak ua, anntang deih mi tam mahmah ahihman in zuak bei pah ua, a kuanhakte’n tangkhalou uhi.

Henglep lampi kihongta

LAMKA, August 27: Tuktui kiak ziak a menchimte’n Henglep bial toh kikawmtuahna lampi naktak in subuai mahleh PWD/CCpur a Section Officer Loken makaih in special contractor T. Lala in tuni’n lampi hong suakta uh hi’n thutut kingah hi.

Thutut kingah dan in Henglep lampi mun 8 ah menchim in gari taitheilou ding in lamlian khak tan a, himahleh JCB zang in tuni’n hahsiang in om hi. Lamlian khaktan menchim 8-te banah hawktui luanna lampi khaktan menchim mun 30 ah om a, huaite teng leng hahsiang a om hidan in thutut kingah hi.

Gari number MN-02A in kipanta ding

LAMKA, August 27: District Transport Officer/CCpur apat thutut kingah dan in, MN-02 nuai a gari registration number kipekhe ding zah a piak khiak khittak ziak un DTO-cum-Regional Transport Office, CCpur district nuai a gari registration kibawl tengteng, bang gari hitaleh, August 25, 2008 apat MN-02A nuai ah registration number piak pat in omta hi.

NE-TV in COMFA’ video documentary ngen

LAMKA, August 27: Mautaam kialpi dou dia kiphutkhia Committee on Mautaam Famine Aid in panlak kisan mahmah ua, tuni’n leng COMFA palai bangzah hiamte’n kial douna ding toh kisai Imphal zinsuk uhi. Huai banah, Zomi Youth Association makaih a inn chih kiang a ngetna hawm ding in COMFA kisalel a, kuapeuh in ngaipoimoh ding in leng ngen uhi. Tuma a Mautaam zusate’n haichi a neksiatlaitak uh video documentary a bawl uh leng North East Television in a nget dungzui un COMFA in pekhia hi.

Tuabanah, September 5 chiang a Concert For The Hungry neihna ding a stage bawlna a zat dia khuam bangzah hiam thoh ding ahihdan special contractor Thangnon in ZAA theisak hi. ZAA leng hiai concert a di’n naktak in kisakhol ua, tulai in lazilna uangbawl mahmah uhi. Concert For The Hungry neihna dia van poimoh tuamtuamte mimal phatuamngai bangzahhiamte’n tamtak thohkhawmta uhi.

Jeevan Madhun plan hongkhe ding

LAMKA, August 27: Life Insurance Corporation nuai a Micro Insurance Plan No. 182, Jeevan Madhur Plan kichi August 28, 2008 sunma dak 11 in Synod Hall, IB Road a honkhiak a om ding hi.

Hiai plan ahihleh Jeevan Madhur Micro Insurance Policy, Silchar Division a Manager S. Kar in hongkhe ding a, LIC/CCpur Branch a Manager Seikholet Kipgen in leng thugenna hun zang ding hidan in hiai policy agent Covenant Children’s Home apat thutut kingah hi.

Sum muhna nei hoihlou migentheite a ding bik a kibawlkhia hiai plan ahihleh September 28, 2006 in India President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam in New Delhi ah ana hongkhe khinta hi.

MHJU in louzau veh

LAMKA, August 27: Mautaam kial toh kisai a a nihveina ding in Manipur Hills Journalist Union (MHJU) team in tuni’n Guite Road tawn in Lamka nusia ua, nitak dak 6 vel in Sinzawl khua tung uhi.

Mautaam ziak a zusa pung mahmahte enkhe di’n Sinzawlte louzau ah tuzan in MHJU team vakkual ua, zan giak di’n Sinzawl khua ah kiknawn uhi. Amau zingchiang in Parbung zuan nawn ding uhi.

Nupa khat Tuivai ah kelum

SINZAWL, August 27: Muanhuaitak apat thutut kingah dan in apaisa August 24, 2008 Pathianni in Sinzawl kho kiang a Tuivai lui ah nupa kop khat kelum uhi. Tui a kelum nupate hihna leh min uh theih hikei mahleh amau Mimbung khua a sing aatsa nawn a kiloh a om Burma mi hi uhi.

Thutut kingah dan in, hiai nupate tui a a kiak un a pasal in suang mankha in a zi’n leng a pasal puanak mankha hi. Himahleh, a pasal puanak in a khouhlouh ziak in nupinu tui in tai a, a pasal leng a tha bei gawp man ahihman in a khonung deuh in tui in tai hi.

Kho kiim kho kiang a mipi’n hiai nupate siluang zong pah mahle uh tunitan a munailou uh hi’n thutut kingah hi.

The Lamka Post August 28, 2008

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New chapter for Manipur

Imphal, Aug. 27: Students in Manipur who are studying in government schools could stop worrying about lack of fluency in speaking English after graduating from school.

The Okram Ibobi Singh government has decided to convert at least three high school-level institutions to English-medium schools on a trial basis as part of its plans to revamp the education system.

“Yes we have decided to convert at least three government schools to English-medium school on a trial basis. If the effort is fruitful, more schools will be converted to English-medium schools,” education minister L. Jayentakumar Singh said today.

The move comes after the state education department finally admitted that the students of government-run schools are unable to compete with those of private schools and convents who are fluent in English.

Manipuri, the state language, is the medium of instruction in all the government-run schools in Manipur.

Though the government offers the option of choosing either English or Manipuri as the medium of instruction, all the government-run schools opted for the Manipuri medium because of the teachers’ preference.

“The failure of the students who have passed out of Manipuri-medium schools to compete with the students of other states in public examinations has prompted the government to take the decision,” Jayentakumar Singh said.

Education department sources said the department would train teachers from among those recently-recruited on a trial basis. The students for these schools will be selected through entrance examinations.

“Students who could not get admission to private institutions because of poverty or deficiency in marks could go to the English-medium schools run by the government. The plan is to make English medium compulsory for selected schools,” a source in the department said.

The government is also finalising a plan to convert some of the existing schools into residential ones.


An earthquake shook parts of the Northeast on Wednesday morning, reports PTI.

Officials at the seismological observatory said the magnitude of the earthquake was 3.9 on the Richter scale. It was also felt in Guwahati, Shillong and other parts of the region.


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